Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignments is something that can’t be ignored. Its benefits, cost effectiveness, and time to carry out makes it a invaluable practice for your commercial vehicles. Our skilled tyre technicians can detect this from carrying out fleet inspections to ensure that the commercial vehicle is running correctly, efficiently and safely.

Our mobile vans are fully equipped and doesn’t take long to carry out. It doesn’t cost much, and you would save thousands of pounds in comparison.

​It is recommended to have this done once a year by the Department of Transport recommends. With our proactive services and inspections, we can identify misalignments quickly and rectify right on site to ensure that your tyres and vehicle is running at its best.


Carried out on site, you can expect incredible advantages to keep tyres and your vehicles moving for longer:

  • Overall Cost Saves to ensure your fleets tyres run for longer and more efficiently 

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption as correct alignment reduces the commercial tyres rolling resistance and saves cost in fuel efficiency

  • Optimises Tyre Mileage by reducing the speed of the  commercial vehicles tyres wearing significantly

  • Reduces The Number Of Defects that can occur on a commercial tyre such as Tread Tearing, Tread Feathering, Shoulder Damage & Overheating

  • Reduces Mechanical Wear by allowing commercial vehicles to work smoother and with less stress to the vehicles systems and components

  • Increased Safety which results in better vehicle handling, driver comfort, braking distance and driver control

  • Lowers Carbon Emissions as the truck doesn’t have to work hard to correct the alignment out on the road