tyre Management

Full Service Commercial Tyre Management

At CCTyre, we analyse your vehicles mileage, tyre condition and operation to make sure your fleet runs on the best and most cost effective contract type; Pay As You Go (PAYG), Price Per Kilometre (PPK) and Budget (Fixed Costs).

Each contract type comes with a range of benefits and are adaptable to suite your invoicing structure, provides a bespoke service, and supplies a package to suit your commercial and specialty fleet needs.

Whatever contract type you choose, you will have access to our Logis System, a state of the art, modern day platform which allows you to track everything from fleet inspection data, tyre stock you’ve purchased, and the jobs that have been carried out to your commercial vehicles.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

PAYG is the traditional and still most popular way of purchasing tyres and related services. Customers pay for items as and when they are needed on a regular account basis.

Through this contract type, you will receive:

  • Free Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Fleet Checks to detect any early defects, prolong the tyres life, reduce vehicles downtime, and ensure it’s operating safely

  • Powerful Reporting for monthly discussion to ensure your commercial fleet gets the most out of our Tyre Management Service

    • Monthly Reporting with advice 

    • Quarterly Full Reports including aggregate costs, performance, KPI Reporting and any further areas for improvement from either side

    • Annual Report would also be presented with management information and costs for annual benchmarking purposes.

  • Central Billing System giving you a full invoice breakdown each month in a single invoice to analyse the work that’s been carried out

  • Hard Files kept for the Governments Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) department

  • Monthly consolidated invoice drilled down into specific costs per individual vehicle.

  • Full Pricing Schedule

  • Spreadsheet updated monthly showing all costs accruing per vehicle, by depot, by vehicle type, vehicle configuration, etc.

  • Spreadsheet updated monthly showing all remaining tread depths and pressures.

  • Monthly defect list and exception list of vehicles not caught during the month.

  • Spreadsheet updated monthly showing all test and evaluation tyres together with PPK costs

  • Copy of Casing and repair log showing a full audit trail of all tyres removed and all of the tyres refitted to the fleet.

Price Per Kilometere (PPK)

PPK accounts offers customers a fixed price per vehicle type on their fleet which is calculated on a monthly basis to the exact mileage. This contract type is popular with larger regional and national fleets who may find it difficult to manage their tyre asset in-house due to the logistics and difficulty in control. PPK contracts is a much more tailored service which sets out the parameters for both customer and supplier.

The fleets remaining tread depths are recorded at the start of the contract and then again at the end where an adjustment can be made either way. These accounts take away much of the hassle incurred in buying tyres and services on a daily basis and allows the end user to concentrate on their own core competences

PPK tyre contract covers all elements of running a tyre programme including:

  • Supplying Premium Tyres such as Continental, Bridgestone, Hankook, Goodyear, and many more to ensure your vehicle operates at the very best

  • Service & Maintenance to prolong tyre life and safety of vehicle operations

  • Monthly Fleet Inspections to check there is no defects picked up whilst running

  • Speedy Breakdowns and Repairs to keep your operations moving

  • 24/7 Call Outs & Labour costs covered, providing full tyre service cover

  • Ancillary Products Provided such as valves, valve extensions, High Pressure Valve Caps, and so forth

  • Admin and Reporting so you can see how your fleet is performing

Budget (Fixed Cost)

Budget accounts are similar to PPK accounts in that they let the end user outsource their tyres completely for us to manage. These are ideal for small regional fleets that want a fixed monthly cost for their tyres and associated services. We base the cost on historical purchases and mileages whilst ensuring that the optimal tyre is fitted for the vehicle operational usage.