Tyre Law & Care

Tyre Law & Care

The CCT Team takes Tyre Law & Care very seriously, always compliant with UK, EU and Worldwide law to ensure our staff and your drivers are always operating safely and the tyres run in a safe condition.

By law and through the Construction and Use Regulation 27 act:

  • All tyres must be suitable and inflated correctly for the vehicles purpose

  • Tyre tread depths must legally be more than 1mm in a band comprising the central 75% of the tread width and continuous around the tyre circumference

  • Tyres must not have any lumps, bulges or tears. This is normally caused by separation or partial failure of the tyres structure

  • Tyres must not have any cords or ply exposed​

  • Tyres must not have any cuts, in excess of 25mm or 10% of the tyre section width whichever is the greater, which is deep enough to reach the tyre’s internal structure

  • Tyres must be maintained and stored in a condition so that it is fit for vehicle or trailer purpose and must not have any defects which may cause danger to the driver, service providers, the public, and to the road surface itself, in, on or outside the vehicle, or other road users.

Breaching any of these laws in each and every tyre case and scenario can result in a fine up to £2,500. Further actions can also result in discretionary disqualification, compulsory driving license endorsement of 3 penalty points, and may effect your fleets operating license.