New Vs Retread

New Vs Retread

We balance between New and Retread tyres to ensure we give the highest levels of personal service and excellent quality. We work hand in hand with our tyre partners, jointly conceiving, researching and developing tyre performance and practices to ensure the fleets we service work safely and at their optimum level. 


New Tyres gives you the confidence to start your vehicle right. Holding up to more regulation standards, new tyres makes it more flexible in terms of where they are placed and less likely to be defects. At the end of its tyre life, it can then be retreaded so to be used all over again.

  • New Tyres can be placed on all tyre axles depending on it’s pattern

  • Can be applied to all vehicle types so you know you’re within tyre regulation standards

  • Less likely to get defects whilst out on the road or working on site

  • Can be retreaded afterwards to prolong tyre life



Retreads are manufactured and tested to the same performance criteria as new tyres (ECE Regs. 109). They can last as long as new tyres and often longer due to their unique design. Bespoke tread compounds patterns for specific vehicles or operational conditions.

  • Better for the environment (generates 70% less CO2 emissions than new tyres

  • Less natural resource required (as you’re just adding rubber to the casing, 75 litres less oil)

  • Saves 25%-30% of cost in comparison to new tyres. PPK benefits even more from this cost