Commercial Tyre Brands

Continental Tyres


The Fastest Way To The Perfect Tyre

We’ve been with Continental Tyres since the very beginning of CCTyre. Testing and using their tyres have always produced fantastic results across all our fleet customers, making them work longer, have less wear, and minimal breakdowns. When it comes to your fleet, it’s definitely a tyre to consider.

Hankook Tyres

Driving Emotion

We’ve partnered with Hankook Tyres for over 25 years. Their range of tyres for industrial and specialty vehicles have kept our customers moving with a simple, yet effective, pattern to suite most environments. After researching and comparing with other tyre brands, we’ve proven over a long period of time how effective a Hankook Tire can be.

GITI Tyres

Tyre Business Since 1951

GiTi have always great at providing great tyres at affordable prices. Their technology and knowledge over the past 60 years have served the world in terms of keeping your vehicles moving. Coming from America, GiTI tyres are great for when there’s multiple terrains, keeping the tyre structure in place and less stress to the vehicles mechanical components.